In Thailand nowadays, several different types of spirits are available, including Vodka, Whiskey, Rum, Brandy, and others. Thai herbal liqueur and rice whiskey are both considered spirits. You should not drink too much alcohol since it damages several of the body’s internal organs. It is the top cause of death. In terms of health both  Short-term and long-term consequences include brain and nervous system effects such as intoxication, drowsiness, sleeplessness, and unconsciousness. The following are the disadvantages of Thai herbal liqueur and rice whisky:


Thai rice whiskey is a spirit prepared by fermenting sugar from rice, maize, or sugar cane. Cane sugar has a more pleasant scent and flavor than other varieties of molasses. Then, add the yeast. Take, for example, alcohol that has gone through the distillation process to get a higher degree. The alcohol content does not surpass 40 percent. There are many brands of Thai’s rice whiskey available such as Pai Thong, Chai Ya, and others. Thai rice whiskey has a variety of disadvantages. Consuming rice whiskey with beer should be avoided since it may lead to alcoholism, deteriorating health, and irresponsibility, all of which put you at risk of psychotic symptoms like depression, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, hallucinations, deaf ears, paranoia, impaired memory, dementia, confusion of days, times, and places, mood and behavioral disorders, and difficulty learning new things.

The process of fermenting, boiling, or distilling various plants and alcohol to extract the active elements of the medicinal herbs is known as Yadong. Strychnos axillaris Colebr, Ficus foveolata Wall, Elephantopus scaber L., Acacia craibii Nielsen, and other prominent herbs are used. Thai herbal liquor is illegal in Thailand and cannot be sold. Large amounts of Yadong will harm your health and produce cirrhosis or persistent alcoholism. It can also cause heart problems, cancer, gallbladder disease, memory loss, and other health issues.


There are other two disadvantages of consuming herbal liqueur or Yadong as follow:

  1. To create Yadong, some manufacturers utilize deadly creatures like scorpions and toads, as well as chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides, or detergents. It is said to have qualities that nourish the body or improve sexual performance. These are poisonous to the body and, in the worst-case scenario, can induce nausea, vomiting, dizziness, disorientation, sleepiness, limb weakness, seizures, irregular heartbeat, unconsciousness, and death.
  2. If you consume a large amount of Yadong and drink constantly for a long period of time, you may be at danger of being addicted to drugs or alcoholics.

The disadvantages of herbal liqueur and rice whisky in Thailand are explained here! You should drink appropriately and carefully. Before coming to Thailand, I highly recommend you to purchase expat health insurance in Thailand of Rabbit Care to cover your medical, and hospitalization expenses. Beneficially, it covers both OPD and IPD. You can use the insurance premium as a tax deduction which is advantageous for you. There are many insurance companies’ partners available allowing you to compare the premium prices and coverage such as Cigna, LMG, and others.

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