Overview. The new Vivo Y72 is powerful smartphone offering stunning looks combined with all the functions you need. With the additional benefits of 8GB of internal memory, 16GB of memory on the device and an advanced, speedy Quick Panel, you vivo y72 can’t go wrong. For the first time ever with a smart phone, users can enjoy an extended multitasking experience with its high-end dual cameras and two imaging sensors. And with Android Market is becoming more open to third party apps with every passing day, there’s no telling what the future holds in store for Vivo Y 72.

The Design – The exterior design of the Vivo Y72 is quite sleek, with its futuristic curved display and minimalist style. It is available in either black or white colors, with a soft-touch keyboard cover provided with it. However, it doesn’t stop there; it also comes in a choice of vibrant colors like purple and lime green. You can also get a wallpaper called Live Wallpapers that adds a unique style to your phone. The camera lid is hinged at the top, allowing you to easily access the camera and the volume keys.

Storage – The phone comes with a neat slot for a SIM card, which supports T-Mobile, AT&T and other major U.S. and international mobile phone carriers. Even though it comes with a standard sized SIM card, the Vivo Y 72 has room for both the microSD and the SIM card. This is thanks to the trademarked uppercase “T” symbol on the back which is used to denote this. There is also a space available for data card. The microSD can be inserted into the device using one of the many micro SD card readers commonly found nowadays.

Processor – The Vivo Y72 comes with a dual core processor that helps it perform tasks efficiently. The Mediatek dim density 700 is one of the most powerful processors in the smartphone market today. It is manufactured by Samsung and uses the ARM architecture. The dual core processor helps it process applications quickly, making it an ideal device for multimedia applications and games. For camera purposes, the device comes with an eight megapixel camera that has optical zoom as well as digital zoom.

Design and build quality – The phone has a very stylish design, with its flat home button and metallic silver frame. The phone looks just like any other high-end smartphones available in the market today. However, the body is slightly thicker than that of other smartphones. It has a weight of 170 grams, which is not too heavy or flimsy despite being a high-end device.

Battery power – The phone has a single chip onboard that keeps track of the time and can activate the auto-charging feature when the battery power runs low. The battery power consumption is average during usage. It can last for more than ten hours on an average. The xiaomi vivo y72 comes with a unique charging mechanism that does not require you to press any buttons. This unique feature makes it ideal for users who want to be able to use the smartphone without any disturbances.

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